Zendesk focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in order to...


A multi-country B2B survey amongst global companies, focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in order to track current CRM system capabilities, measure satisfaction with their Sales Teams & Tools, capture views on “Conversational Sales”, assess the integration of sales/customer support data, and examine attitudes towards B2B digital sales.


15 minute survey to 3,000 senior managers, with CRM as a primary/major component of their role, in medium-large (50-999 employees) firms, currently using a CRM system. Senior Sales Executives, Sales Management/Operations, Senior Customer Experience/Marketing Executives, Senior IT Executives.


ØResults provided an in-depth picture of senior managers’ perceptions of CRM in worldwide medium-large companies, as well as an appraisal of their own CRM tools and Sales capabilities. Our recommendations allowed our client to target opportunities and adapt their core offer in the most cost-efficient and valued way.