Exploring Global CRM Perspectives with Zendesk

Project Overview

Zendesk, a global leader in customer service software, partnered with 3Gem Media Group to conduct a comprehensive multi-country B2B survey focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The primary objectives were to assess global companies' CRM system capabilities, measure satisfaction with their Sales Teams & Tools, explore attitudes towards "Conversational Sales," evaluate the integration of sales/customer support data, and examine perceptions of B2B digital sales.

Our Approach

3Gem Media Group surveyed 3,000 Senior CRM Managers who met the following criteria:

  • Employed in organizations with 50-999 employees, actively using a CRM system.
  • CRM was a primary or major component of their role.
  • Held senior management positions in relevant job titles/functions, such as Senior Sales Executives, Sales Management/Operations, Senior Customer Experience/Marketing Executives, or Senior IT Executives.
  • Resided in the USA, Brazil, UK/Ireland, France, Australia, Japan, or South Korea.


The findings provided a comprehensive understanding of senior managers' perceptions of Customer Relationship Management globally across medium and large-sized companies. The survey also captured feedback on their CRM tools and Sales capabilities.

Based on the research insights, we provided strategic recommendations to our client, enabling them to effectively target opportunities and optimize their core offerings. The detailed quantitative reporting identified insights based on company size, managerial seniority, job function, and cultural nuances across different countries.

Furthermore, qualitative feedback obtained through in-depth interviews enriched the understanding of the topic and contextualized findings through real-world case studies.