Young’s Seafood - Concept testing

Unlocking Strategic Insights: A Comprehensive Partnership with Young's Seafood

Long-Standing Partnership

  • 3Gem Media Group has been a trusted partner of Young's Seafood for over 8 years.
  • Our collaboration has provided critical insights that have fortified Young's chilled, frozen, brand, and international strategies.

Extensive Project Portfolio

  • We have executed over 100 projects for Young's Seafood, covering various aspects such as concept testing and pack designs.
  • These projects have delivered valuable insights into consumer attitudes towards purchasing, cooking, and enjoying specific seafood sectors.

Strategic Decision Support

  • The insights gathered from our research projects consistently inform Young's Seafood's strategic decisions.
  • This includes shaping branded and retailer product portfolios, guiding new product launches, optimising on-pack messaging, and refining pricing and promotional strategies.



“At Young’s, our vision is to inspire people to love fish now and for generations to come. It is therefore essential that we get closer to our consumers and understand their attitudes towards buying, cooking and eating seafood. We want to know what motivations & barriers they have to buying seafood more often, and consumer insight has become an integral part of our ability to achieve this vision. As we operate in an exceptionally fast-moving industry, we often need research that can be turned around in a matter of just a few days. Young’s have been working with 3Gem Media Group for over 6 years, and in that time, they have become one of our most trusted partners, working on many category, branded, retailer branded as well as international projects. 3Gem Media Group brings together the strengths of a global insight agency, but with the agility and speed of a local agency.”

Category Insight Director, Young’s Seafood