Our research involved hundreds of concept tests to support business decision making.


To measure Vitabiotics brand equity amongst consumers within the UK Multi-vitamin/ Mineral supplement market, specifically assessing overall opinion, as well as how it was rated on various brand attributes. Additionally, the connection of Vitabiotics to its CEO (Tej Lalvani) was to be explored, to find out how raising awareness of this, may (positively) alter consumers perceptions.


A 10 minute online survey to n=2,000 UK adults, representative of regularly (at least every
3 months) buyers of vitamin/mineral supplements. Questions on category attitudes and behaviour, purchase drivers (importance), brand awareness, brand perceptions, and other relevant topics.


Our detailed report identified the strengths and advantages that the Vitabiotics brand exhibits over its competition, and our recommendations discussed how best to communicate CEO Tej Lalvani’s link with the brand, in order to raise awareness, including what effect that would likely have on Vitabiotics’ overall Brand Opinion, Brand Trust, Quality Perceptions, VFM and, subsequently, Purchase Likelihood.