Sustainability in Tech: Unveiling Developer Perspectives for Strategic Growth

Project Overview

Metia, a leading digital marketing agency, engaged 3Gem Media Group to conduct a comprehensive online survey targeting web developers. The focus was on exploring sustainability programs within the tech industry. The primary objectives included capturing insights into:

Motivations driving developers to engage in sustainability projects (e.g., technical challenges, financial incentives, altruistic motives). Specific areas of interest or consideration within sustainability (e.g., transportation, energy, real estate).

Common pain points or obstacles encountered (e.g., technological limitations, data accessibility, cost constraints, market entry barriers, partnership opportunities). Tools and resources utilised, including geospatial data sources.

Our Approach

3Gem Media Group executed an online survey tailored to web developers and IT professionals involved in sustainability initiatives across the United Kingdom. The survey was also extended to include respondents from India, Poland, Romania, and Hungary.


The study aimed to provide Metia with invaluable insights to craft compelling thought leadership content. The findings yielded profound revelations regarding developers' project preferences and their significant challenges. This comprehensive understanding empowered Metia to develop impactful thought leadership materials based on real-world data and trends.