Greene King

Unveiling Craft Beer Consumer Dynamics

Project Overview

Through one of our esteemed ad agency clients, Greene King sought to explore the reception of four distinct beer concepts within the premium lager and craft beer drinker demographic. Additionally, they aimed to delve deeper into the craft beer market, employing advanced analytical methods for segmentation.

Sample Population and Criteria

Our study encompassed1,000 UK respondents who identified as premium lager or craft beer enthusiasts. Each participant was required to have consumed at least one specific brand of beer from a predefined list, and the survey duration averaged 20 minutes.


Factor/Cluster Analysis
We comprehensively analysed respondents' attitudes, behaviours, and consumption patterns related to craft beer. Utilising Factor Analysis, we unearthed common trends within the data, followed by Cluster Analysis to segment the craft beer market into distinct consumer groups based on shared characteristics.

Lifestyle Personality Measurement.

We gauged consumers ' inclinations towards craft beer consumption through a series of attitudinal statements tailored to craft beer enthusiasts. Statements included perceptions on the frequency of consumption, exclusivity, and overall interest in craft beer.

Key Insights

Our analysis revealed five distinct consumer segments within the craft beer market, ranging from fervent 'Craft Beer Advocates' to those uninterested in the category ('Not for me' group). Each segment was meticulously profiled based on demographic, attitudinal, and behavioural traits.

Recommendations and Findings

Drawing from the concept tests, we provided actionable insights on which beer concepts showed the most promise for market penetration. We also gauged consumer perceptions on pricing and value by employing price sensitivity techniques. Through respondent feedback, we identified opportunities for refining concept offerings.

Impactful Marketing Strategies

We clarified the core features driving consumer appeal for each concept, empowering Greene King with targeted marketing communication strategies and effective launch tactics to maximise market impact.

This study facilitated informed decision-making for Greene King and illustrated pathways for strategic growth and brand enhancement within the competitive craft beer landscape.