Global Thought Leadership Study in the Oil & Gas Sector

Project Overview

For over a decade, has been at the forefront of publishing insightful analyses on the global energy employment landscape, aiming to provide invaluable foresight into future trends.

Our Collaborative Approach

3Gem Media Group partnered with and Brunel, a prominent player in energy workforce solutions, to conduct a comprehensive study targeting employees in the oil and gas sector across multiple countries.

The Challenge

Our primary objective was to gather real-time industry feedback and insights to anticipate future trends, fostering innovation and progression within the sector. Key focus areas included:

Impact of the Energy Transition

  • Examining the evolving employment landscape and skill requirements amidst the industry's shift towards sustainable energy sources.

Significance of Health & Safety

  • Assessing the pivotal role of health and safety considerations in shaping career decisions and employment preferences.

Our Deliverables

The research initiative aimed to provide and Brunel with actionable insights and expert perspectives worldwide across all major energy markets. Our commitment was to deliver:

  • Rigorous analysis and data-driven insights tailored to each global energy market.
  • Strategic recommendations to facilitate informed decision-making and foster industry innovation.

By leveraging our collective expertise and industry understanding, we endeavoured to equip our client with the strategic foresight needed to navigate the dynamic energy landscape and drive sustainable growth.