Bring campaigns to life.

  • We pride ourselves on the depth of experience and breadth of skills within 3Gem. Alongside our market research specialists, sit a team of PRs, marketers, writers and producers.
  • We provide media and research services to in-house and agency PR and Communications professionals. Our team creates and distributes engaging content, using extensive industry knowledge and a shared desire to bring the very best ideas to life.

Creativity, integrity and experience.

  • 3Gem brings integrity, insight and an invested approach to every project we work on. We secure brand exposure through bright ideas, clever campaigns and smooth delivery.
  • Our PR and media services can be commissioned for a standalone campaign or undertaken as part of a wider market research project. This could incorporate concept testing, segmentation and brand tracking studies to achieve more effective targeting and messaging, and to evaluate the success and impact of a campaign.
  • 3Gem takes a consultative approach to all projects, large and small. We work alongside you as an extension of your team, providing the expertise, honest advice and flexible support at every phase of a project.

Global PR surveys

Reach and engage with a wide audience through data-led news stories and content.

  • A cleverly crafted PR survey will identify news angles and create talking points for your brand.
  • Our PR survey service is fast, efficient and affordable. And, crucially in a climate of ‘fake news’ and misinformation, we guarantee robust, GDPR-compliant data that stands up to scrutiny.
  • Conducted in-house by our senior market research team, our PR polls provide reliable research data that can be used to form the basis of a PR or marketing campaign. MRS and ESOMAR accredited, 3Gem researchers have extensive expertise in digital data collation, scripting and panel management.
  • PR survey campaigns are managed by senior members of 3Gem's market research and media teams. As well as providing support with ideation, survey scripting, data collation, analysis, copywriting and content creation, we can extend the campaign to media distribution, broadcast, video and podcast production. Ensuring consistency and efficiency. Everything in-house and in hand from start to finish.

Create a stand-out PR campaign that sticks.

  • 3Gem media teams like to push boundaries through non-traditional guerrilla marketing techniques, creative stunts and experiential activities to generate media coverage for our clients.
  • We take a consultative approach with our clients. While we do work on one-off projects, a longer-term relationship enables us to become an extension of your team, and broadcast becomes a more naturally integrated part of your overall PR and marketing strategy.
  • Our broadcast PR services include radio days, outside broadcast, online editorial and TV placements. We develop compelling campaign ideas, help source suitable spokespeople, and manage the logistics and technicalities of studio set-up and recordings.



Capture the true essence of your brand with video.

  • Whether we’re creating a corporate or explainer video, or visual content for a marketing campaign, we produce video that reflects who you are as a company - the tone, ethos and expectations of your brand.
  • We have experienced videographers and creatives who work with you to understand the ambition and objectives driving your project. We place emphasis on high production value, engaging content and clear messaging.

Extend the reach of an event with live streaming.

  • We produce live streaming for sport, music, gaming events and everything in between. From arenas, vehicles, theatres, on location or from a studio, we can stream from almost anywhere.
  • The growth of Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, YouNow and YouTube Live have expanded the potential for live stream production. We deliver high quality video in resolutions up to 4k for hours of continuous recorded footage.
  • With our support and technical expertise, you can reach a much larger audience, free of pressure and stress.

Live streaming


Bitesize audio content for your brand.

  • Our podcast development team produce professional and memorable podcasts, designed to engage the listener with entertaining and insightful content.
  • We take care of every step of the production and distribution process, including recording, mixing and editing – all from our fully-equipped studio.
  • The 3Gem writing team can assist in the creative process, developing concepts and finetuning content for scripted and interview-based recordings.

Eye Tracking

  • Eye-tracking uses the latest technology and state of the art processes to track viewers eye movements.  This gives a clear understanding of what draws the viewers immediate attention and how they process images, and videos.  Simple webcams can track the movements whilst consumers view various elements during the testing stages.  This presents an immediate cost-benefit with targeted advertising.
  • Eye tracking software enables brands to really understand what consumers find appealing when presented with visual content online. For example, monitoring and confirming how different elements of a TV advert or online video draw us in by monitoring deep analysis of our subconscious behaviour.
  • 3Gem’s strength not only lies in eye tracking technology in the UK but also the capability to deliver /test digital campaigns to millions of consumers in over 50 countries globally.

Eye Tracking

Gather insights and measure impact

Market Research

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