Understanding your audience, your brand and your marketplace is crucial to long term business success.

  • With 3Gem market research you will gain intelligent, actionable insights to help you make informed, strategic decisions for your business.
  • Whether you are hoping to disrupt your category with a game-changing product, blaze a trail in a crowded marketplace, or run a campaign that stands you head and shoulders above your competition, our research methods and solutions are tailored to your business needs.

Agile, professional and personable.

  • 3Gem are leaders at digital data collection within the research industry. Our work is delivered by highly skilled senior researchers, scripters, account and project managers.
  • We recognise that every project is different, and every client faces their own unique challenges and objectives. Our internationally accredited market researchers draw on decades of experience to deliver the most effective solution.
  • Our market research methods provide rich and impactful data, for use in the real world.

Campaign testing

Why leave success to chance when developing campaign material?

  • Our campaign testing helps take the guesswork out of how a new concept could be perceived by your target audience, and how a campaign could perform across multiple channels.
  • We offer a full evaluation prior to launch, together with advice on which approaches are more likely to succeed across different channels.
  • While traditional media remains an important element of comms, particularly in developing markets, we recognise how important it is to closely analyse the fast and unpredictable world of digital and social media. Often the real differences only become clear post-launch.
  • We advocate in-market analysis immediately after a campaign goes live, to evaluate how it is unfolding in the real world, and from channel to channel.

Keep your brand health in check.

  • Perception is reality when it comes to brand image. Achieving and maintaining the right tone of voice, identity and messaging is vital.
  • As part of our brand tracking service, we identify a set of brand imagery attributes that reflect what your brand is, what it aspires to be, and what it aims to avoid.
  • Yours isn’t the only brand in the marketplace, so we don’t monitor it in isolation. We incorporate competitors into our research, to produce an overall perceptual landscape of the market.
  • We regularly track imagery attributes – either constantly or at agreed intervals. Over time, this builds a picture of your brand’s performance, and that of your competitors.

Brand tracking

React and adapt.

  • If your brand is drifting off-course, or your competitors are encroaching on your territory, tracking will raise an early warning flag, so you can take timely action. The analysis will also show whether any rise (or dip) in an attribute is linked to specific brand communications activity – helping you to understand what is or isn’t working in a campaign.
  • We correlate the levels of brand awareness pre- and post-campaign. This activity provides you with absolute measures and insight into which brand imagery attributes have shifted as a result of a campaign.
  • This can form part of a comprehensive brand tracking project, or as an ad hoc exercise to gain a snapshot of ‘before and after’ awareness.


Target more effectively.

  • Looking at your market at an aggregate level can hide interesting differences within your customer base. Segmentation uncovers these unseen dynamics by identifying discrete groups, each with unique and targetable needs.
  • At 3Gem, we take statistical approaches such as factor analysis, clustering and regression analysis to help us to identify different segments. We use a variety of measures including behaviour, attitudes, campaign response, brand advocacy, product trial, sales and long-term potential.
  • With the key segments identified, different strategies can be developed for each group. Marketing efforts and messaging become more finessed and targeted, and a greater return on investment can be achieved.

Understand your marketplace.

  • Attitudes, usage, habits and behaviours are the basic underlying drivers of your market.
  • Usage and attitude studies help to understand your market and how your brand is perceived and positioned, alongside your competitors.
  • The insight gathered can include brand awareness and loyalty, attitudes towards a product or service and purchasing habits. U&A studies deliver actionable insight that can be used to increase the power and impact of your marketing.
  • At a fundamental level, this insight ensures that you are delivering holistically to the primary needs in the market, across your whole mix, and focusing on the most effective marketing levers.
  • At a higher level, it reveals fresh opportunities, identifying ‘white space’ for innovation and differentiation, giving you the insight and impetus to stretch ahead of the competition.
  • Above all, the insight gathered from U&A studies is actionable. The data is applied to the real world, bringing your ‘insight into action’ that will make a tangible difference to your business and your bottom line.
  • Every market landscape is different, so we work closely with you to develop comprehensive and incisive research methodologies, to uncover the insights required by your business.

Usage and attitude studies

New product development

Get ready for launch.

  • Many apparently promising innovations fail without a clear reason. Rigorous and timely research can help reduce risk and avoid costly mistakes.
  • We have a proven approach to testing new product ideas in the early stages of development, whatever the innovation, to isolate the likely winners and losers.
  • Learn what your customers really want, and what works or doesn’t work with your product idea. We use regression analysis to identify the drivers of success and the negative attributes that draw an idea down.
  • These insights allow innovations to be refined to maximise the chances of in-market success. And, in weak-performing cases, the feedback and analysis can avoid valuable resources being consumed by an initiative that may struggle to succeed.

Lead with confidence.

  • Use research to identify key talking points or upcoming trends in your industry.
  • Robust research can also form the basis of a white paper, report, blog post or press release – strengthening you or your brand’s position as a thought leader in your field.
  • Data-led content should be compelling, persuasive, and offer a fresh perspective on a topic that resonates with your audience. At 3Gem, we help to generate ideas, conduct research, and collate and analyse data.

Thought leadership

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

  • Eye-tracking uses the latest technology and state of the art processes to track viewers eye movements.  This gives a clear understanding of what draws the viewers immediate attention and how they process images, and videos.  Simple webcams can track the movements whilst consumers view various elements during the testing stages.  This presents an immediate cost-benefit with targeted advertising.
  • Eye tracking software enables brands to really understand what consumers find appealing when presented with visual content online. For example, monitoring and confirming how different elements of a TV advert or online video draw us in by monitoring deep analysis of our subconscious behaviour.
  • 3Gem’s strength not only lies in eye tracking technology in the UK but also the capability to deliver /test digital campaigns to millions of consumers in over 50 countries globally

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